Designing a Logo

At the thought of beginning a new architectural practice what seemed like endless possibilities of design, from the logo to the website and maybe even a small cabin (dare I say tiny house for your in-laws just for fun) had me excited.  BUT... for me good design is about sketching, conceptualizing, editing (then editing again) and defining what best fits the 'problem' to be solved, thus the hard work of realizing a logo began.

The name had been brewing, and finally, with a definitive ease,  Eagle Pond Studio  was coming to life.  The graphics of the logo had to be strong and timeless.  An eagle feather would just not do! Taking inspiration from Honda and Volkswagen, whose logos grace millions of vehicles and must be relevant throughout many years, car styles coming and going, their clear and memorable designs stood out to me. 


After sketching, it was starting to fit...

Logo sketches

Logo sketches

Nights were spent getting the space between the 'e' and the 'p' to feel right, working on the angle of the 'e's' tail so that the white shape left would be precise, and the extension of the 'p' would have a comfortable dimension.  The Pantone colors had to have a visual interplay between calm blue and bold gray.  The font needed to have balance and modernity.

I hope that this logo will represent the practice well.  While it may be re-invented with different colors and graphic representations, at different times, the goal is that it stands the test of time.